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Keyanoush Wearing FitStrap


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FitStrap hilft im Büro die Körperhaltung zu verbessern und sich ausgewogen zu bewegen

Movement in the office

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Neutral Spine Alignment

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Körperhaltung während der Schwangerschaft

November 14, 2019 in health, Journal, Posture

FitStrap helps women in Pregnancy to maintain a neutral spine

In der Schwangerschaft kann der wachsende Bauch zu einer ausgeprägteren S-Kurve der Wirbelsäule führen, dem sogenannten #Hohlkreuz#Hebammen sagen dazu, dass das #Baby vor sich her getragen wird, anstatt in sich. Weiter empfehlen sie, dass du bewusst darauf achtest dein #Becken aufzurichten. So wird der #Rücken lang und gerade, der Bauch geht nach innen und du trägst dein Baby in dir (mehr Infos unter
Fitstrap hilft dir dabei, deine #Körperhaltung zu überwachen und die #Krümmung deiner Wirbelsäule zu tracken. Somit unterstützt dich FitStrap im Alltag, vor, während und nach der Schwangerschaft eine gute Körperhaltung zu erhalten.


November 14, 2019 in exercises, health, How-To, Posture
How does FitStrap look like when it is attached

FitStrap is attached to the lower spine (marked green in app) and the app shows current spine curvature.

How does FitStrap work?

Its quite easy, FitStrap is a small 10-15 cm long silicon strip with adhesive tape attached to one side. The adhesive tape is replaceable and makes FitStrap the first reusable and consumer-friendly spine monitor on the market. Attach the sensor to your lower or upper spine (dependent on where you would like to monitor your spine curvature) and calibrate to your neutral posture (see picture below).

What is your neutral posture

How to find your neutral posture

FitStrap will then start to measure the curvature of the area where it is attached to (on the picture above it is my lower spine) and on the app, you can see in real-time how your spine bend looks like and even how it moves. Below the spine, in the app, you see the balance ring that shows you how your tilt to the left/right looks like.

If you are exercising and any of those measurement units deviate too strongly from your neutral posture, FitStrap will vibrate and let you know that you are in a bad posture.

Bad Posture during lifting with FitStrap

FitStrap vibrates to let me know that my spine is unnaturally bend.

If you want to know more about FitStrap or make a preorder, just send us a message or follow us on our social media channels.


Movement in the office

November 14, 2019 in health, Posture

Maintaining healthy spine and preventing back pain doesn’t only mean to sit upright on your chair, but research has shown that we should stand up and move a little after every 30-minute sitting-session. Often times it is the case that we are just to busy with work and we forget to move, drink, eat, etc. A little reminder everyday, and a few short exercises help to keep your body healthy and prevent backpain. FitStrap helps you stay motivated to move from time to time. You can set up after how much time of non-movement FitStrap should start vibrating. FitStrap then helps you to do those exercises sustainably and correctly. Put FitStrap on your upper back to prevent you from slouching or moving your neck too far forward throughout the day.
If you want to read more the name of the paper is “Sedentary Behaviour and Obesity: Review of the Current Scientific Evidence” by Professor Stuart Biddle. #posture #startup #backpain #health #sitting #techstartup #stayhealthy #move #standup #thefitstrap