Next Level Training with FitStrap

FitStrap tracks your body and your movement executions. Get feedback while you are in sitting in front of the computer while doing exercises like deadlifts, squats, or benchpress anQDd many more. Learn how to improve your movements and become more aware of your body and posture.

FitStrap doesn't only automatically counts the number of repetitions of the number of sets you're doing while training but also provides you with graphs and easy-to-understand statistics about how you improved your posture over time. We show you the quality of your movement execution and provide a real-time spine monitor!


Understand your Body

FitStrap measures where its needed. On YOUR spine. We track you spine and can provide you with training suggestions perfectly aligned with your body.

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Move when it's needed

If you want, FitStrap will vibrate smoothly if it measures too little movement and tells you to stand up and move a little from time to time.

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Track your progress

FitStrap analytic tools track and document your back movements. You learn how you move and potentially discuss your movement patterns with a physician.

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