Fitnesssystem for Training and Posture!

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More Flexibility

Whenever and wherever!

Fitstrap monitors your spinal curvature, documents your movement patterns and gives you vibrational feedback if it detects a wrong posture.

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Your advantages

Safe Training

Real-time haptic feedback prevents the user from wrong exercise execution.

Data-based Training

We collect all your movement-related data and create a basis for continuous improvement.

Motivating Training

Fitstrap shows you even the slightest improvements to keep you motivated.

Self-sufficient Training

Fitstrap is always and everywhere available, 24/7, on a business trip, at home or even on holidays.

Individualized Training

Fitstrap gets to know you and your movement pattern and will adapt to your needs and not the other way round.

Fascinating Training

Fitstrap measures the most crucial factor of your posture and shows you information that you've never seen before.

Fitstrap measures exactly where it's needed...

...and that is at your spine! Fitstrap measures your spinal curvature, compares it to your own reference values, and creates a deep analysis on how your posture changes during your exercise.

Simple, easy, and beautiful

Fitstrap consists of the sensor and our app. Download our app (iOS or Andorid), start the sensor and connect it via Bluetooth to your smartphone. The sensor will automatically sync with our application. Attach Fitstrap to your lower spine and chose which exercise you want to do, and start to train!

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