The first posture and training monitor on the market that can actually make a difference!
Monitor spinal curvature, Document movement pattern
Get vibrational feedback, Improve your training

Front Squat with FitStrap

See how FitStrap works!

Just attach the sensor on your lower spine, press the exercise that you are executing and start training. FitStrap will vibrate if it senses that your spine is off your neutral form. This way it keeps you from damaging your spine.

The perfect companion for your training

Just stick FitStrap on your lower back, calibrate it to your neutral posture and it will provide you with haptic feedback on your exercise execution

Women Posture Dumbelthrow with FitStrap

Understand your Body

FitStrap measures where its needed. On YOUR spine. We track you spine and can provide you with training suggestions perfectly aligned with your body.

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Move when it's needed

If you want, FitStrap will vibrate smoothly if it measures too little movement and tells you to stand up and move a little from time to time.

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Track your progress

FitStrap analytic tools track and document your back movements. You learn how you move and potentially discuss your movement patterns with a physician.

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