Maintaining healthy spine and preventing back pain doesn’t only mean to sit upright on your chair, but research has shown that we should stand up and move a little after every 30-minute sitting-session. Often times it is the case that we are just to busy with work and we forget to move, drink, eat, etc. A little reminder everyday, and a few short exercises help to keep your body healthy and prevent backpain. FitStrap helps you stay motivated to move from time to time. You can set up after how much time of non-movement FitStrap should start vibrating. FitStrap then helps you to do those exercises sustainably and correctly. Put FitStrap on your upper back to prevent you from slouching or moving your neck too far forward throughout the day.
If you want to read more the name of the paper is “Sedentary Behaviour and Obesity: Review of the Current Scientific Evidence” by Professor Stuart Biddle. #posture #startup #backpain #health #sitting #techstartup #stayhealthy #move #standup #thefitstrap