Active, strong, and safe

Fitstrap offers a clean and easy-to-use app where you can track your exercise, daily achievements, weekly goals, and see how you improved over time.

How to use Fitstrap?

Attach Fitstrap to your lower back prior to training and connect it to our app. Fitstrap measures your posture and exercise execution during your training and provides real-time feedback through gentle vibrations.
After the training, you can monitor your progress and precise analysis, and you can get suggestions for improvement from the intelligent coach.

Our Sensor

Engineering in perfection.

Fitstrap is a flexible and stretchable sensor made of durable and high quality materials. The integrated electronics meet the highest quality standards, measure training-relevant parameters and are encapsulated with medical grade silicone. The attachment to the lower back is achieved with a double-sided medical tape. Our software analyzes the movement patterns in real-time and sends them to the app for visualization. Haptic feedback, in the form of slight vibrations, warns the user of incorrect posture. With Fitstrap it is possible to train autonomously and safely.

Discover our App

Our app shows you what matters. On your weekly summary you see your stats, how you improved, and where you have the most potential left. It also shows you when your posture starts to deviate and you can adapt and improve more efficiently than ever.

Fitstrap ...

• automatically recognizes exercises.

• records the number of reps, sets, and your exercise quality.

• continuously monitors and documents the curvature of your back.

• gives haptic as well as visual feedback.

• gives recommendations on how to improve in your next session.

Fitstrap provides vibrational feedback, if...

...your posture deviates from neutral. are working out with too much or too little weight.

...your range of motion is not within the right range.

...your time under tension is not within the specs.