How does FitStrap look like when it is attached

FitStrap is attached to the lower spine (marked green in app) and the app shows current spine curvature.

How does FitStrap work?

Its quite easy, FitStrap is a small 10-15 cm long silicon strip with adhesive tape attached to one side. The adhesive tape is replaceable and makes FitStrap the first reusable and consumer-friendly spine monitor on the market. Attach the sensor to your lower or upper spine (dependent on where you would like to monitor your spine curvature) and calibrate to your neutral posture (see picture below).

What is your neutral posture

How to find your neutral posture

FitStrap will then start to measure the curvature of the area where it is attached to (on the picture above it is my lower spine) and on the app, you can see in real-time how your spine bend looks like and even how it moves. Below the spine, in the app, you see the balance ring that shows you how your tilt to the left/right looks like.

If you are exercising and any of those measurement units deviate too strongly from your neutral posture, FitStrap will vibrate and let you know that you are in a bad posture.

Bad Posture during lifting with FitStrap

FitStrap vibrates to let me know that my spine is unnaturally bend.

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